Contact Information



Management.  There is no on-site manager at Bankers Hill Towers.  The physical address of the property is 3560 First Avenue for the South Tower and 3570 First Avenue for the North Tower, San Diego, CA 92103. 


The management company for Bankers Hill Towers is ceosd.net, located just a few blocks away in Hillcrest.  Contact information for Management is:


Email contact for management (preferred method of contact) is

603 @ ceosd.net

 This will send an email to the managers in charge of your account.


Mailing address for the Association:

     Bankers Hill Towers

     ℅ ceosd.net

     PO Box 34398 – 603

     San Diego, CA 92163-4398


Physical address for the Association’s administrative office at the management company:

     Bankers Hill Towers

     ℅ ceosd.net

     3737 Fifth Avenue, Suite 204

     San Diego, CA 92103-4217


Phone contacts for Management:

     Office telephone:  1.855.669.2103 ext 603

     Emergency:  use ext 711 or dial 619.298.4170

    Fax:  1.877.665.6744



Bankers Hill Towers is governed by the Board of Directors (BoD) elected by the members of the association (the owners).  To contact the BoD, you may attend the monthly meetings of the board.  Most routine administrative duties are performed by the management company as listed above.  Policy matters are determined by the BoD.  Please try not to bother members of the BoD with routine maintenance issues unless you have first contacted management.